Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path to Ihsan

The Pursuit of Excellence in Faith

A TON of tests and tribulations have come my way since converting to Islam almost 12 years ago.

During these trials, sometimes, I have made it through with Kindness, Patience and Increased Iman. Alhamdulillah.
Other times, I have just seem to have been “spinning my wheels”. At times I have clearly “lost ground”.

Going through these intense tests has caused me to reflect on them and to contemplate what was wrong with my relationship with Allah subhana wa ta ala when I was not increasing in Faith.. What was the “it” that I was missing.

Why at times was I doing better than others. Why did my Iman sometimes peak and other times reach low points. What could I personally do to make this roller-coaster of life’s ups and downs, affect me less negatively and prevent the lows or highs from negatively affecting my level of Faith as well.

Sometimes, I just FELT “less Muslim” and could not figure out why? Was I not praying right or adding enough voluntary Salah? Was I not reading Quràn enough. Was it the people around Me who were a hindrance? The question of

what was the “it” I was missing?

had to be answered so I could grow as a Muslim and to be able to handle the “ups and downs” we all experience. To confront them in a way that would always bring Me closer to Islam. Making Me a better Muslim and not always in need of “spiritual First Aid”. The “it” that I was missing became my focus.

I begin to watch other Muslims, not just any Muslims but the ones I considered pious or much more Righteous than Myself. Why did they seem to have something I did not? Why could they weather the storms of life much better than Me? What did they posses. What was the “it” they had that I clearly did not. I loved Allah and tried my best to follow the laws of Islam, do some kindness and learn more. What was I doing wrong. I was too shy to ask but no one could have answered it anyway. It is something given only by Allah, people can only lead you to where it can be found and even then only by the will and supreme mercy of Allah. True guidance comes only from Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala.

This website will explain how I found out what the, “it” was, and how finding it changed my life forever, allowing Me to get closer to becoming the Muslim I could be. Should Be.

Start the Spiritual Path to Ihsan, Now…

The “it” I was looking for started to appear for Me when I entered the Spiritual Path of Tazkiyah Al Nafs (purification of the spiritual heart) striving for Ihsan. It changes everything.

So if you would like to take the Spirtual Path to become a better Muslim. The path to Ihsan. Seeking only the pleasure of Allah Sub Hana Wa Ta Ala please let Me join you. It would be my honor to be your Companion and Friend to support you in any way I can on this journey of the Spiritual Path.

Because it is a Journey on a path that seems vague and hidden to a lot of us, it must come slowly. If you think about it, Paths, not strikingly clearly marked, or rather followed by those without clear vision are correctly followed by making decisions on which way NOT to go. The more you go. The more you grow. Trying to navigate a path in haste, will only get you lost. It must be taken with moderate pace with a dedicated temperance.

This Spiritual Path to Ihsan begins with you. It begins by the self realization that Allah loves Me and wants Me to have the closest relationship with Him, I must do all that I can do to love the Creator more. That Allah wants you to weather the storms of life and come out vibrantly on top. Better, Stronger and Wiser. For yourself and so you can share with others. Which is exactly what I am doing with this website. Sharing whatever I have learned that has helped me overcome.

Once you realize that “you need this” It as as simple as that to begin. Why? Because “the more you love Allah the more you are free from this world” and all of it’s wickedness and evil. The lack of love, for one another, the indecency, the immodesty, the hatred, the bullying and the Godlessness, just plain evil. Let’s face it. We live in a world that seems to just want to put us down until we are out. To chew us up and spit us out.

Taking this Spiritual Path does not mean this evil and the hardships are going to go away, but you can be free from it. Free, yourself  and also free of how the hate of the world affects you internally.

So, if you will, let Me join you in your path of Spiritual Purification and I will gladly share with you, of what I know and have learned. I will continually update this space on the web with insights, InshAllah,  and with hopefully a good bit of inspiring wisdom as well, InshAllah.

May Allah guide you and bless you as you seek His Mercy. May Allah bring you close to the Qur’an. May He bring you to repentance always and forever worship Him with the utmost worship. Ameen.

Your Brother,Friend and Companion InshAllah.

Brother Abdullah Abu Khalid Al Kanadi

عبدلله أبو خالد الكندي

(Please feel free to contact Me anytime. May Allah guide you.)



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