Becoming a Muslim is for you… “Right Now” so that you may have life…


Many people are discovering Islam and becoming submitters to the one and only true God. Thus becoming Muslims. Islam is a way of life, for life. Allah has revealed to us, the Holy Qur’an, thru the prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him). It is my goal that this website will provide information about Islam to anyone that may be interested, especially to new Muslim converts

People of all ages and all races are embracing Islam. Once people have a chance to learn the honest truth about Islam, by reading the Quran and learning about the wonderful ways of Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him). They find it is clearly the straight path. What is pictured daily on the television News is not Islam. Islam is not terrorism. True Islam is truly a religion of peace that also brings an unparallelled inner serenity. Muslims everywhere are enduring trials but they know they are following the One and only God, Allah. They are Muslim for life. Not only for the duration of their life. But for a better, purer and larger life while on this earth that we share. Become Muslim for life.


Get started now. Read and Listen to the Holy Qur’an by clicking this link….. Quran Explorer