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Oh Muslim.

Oh Muslim. Don’t be disheartened, rise up for good. Help the needy.  Be thankful for what Allah has given you.  Be a peacemaker. Busy yourself helping those who can not help themselves and while doing this your problems will shrink.  Your worries will lessen.  Your hapiness and contentment with the world will increase. Oh Muslim, Don’t feel powerless as Countries cowardly use drones to drop seeds of hate,  loathing and…


Muslim Self Assessment.

“Muslims are to blame for the negative image of the Deen” By Abubakar N. Kasim   In the name of Allah The news of the day that is depriving people from having peace of mind is about Muslims. The trouble maker who is creating mischief in the land is reported to be a Muslim. Ironically, the same people who were supposed to be mercy to mankind and whose the name…



  Merriam Webster defines Terrorism as: the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal. A very broad definition indeed. Terrorism committed by Muslims is being called “Islamic Extremism” or “Islamic Terrorism” If Muslims are committing Murder in the name of Islam than it is in total error. From every known Scholarly Islamic point of view it…


Islam is simple.

I found this article and thought I would share it. It is from Dr. Hamid Slimi ————————- Author: Dr. Hamid Slimi Although it is often portrayed as being complex, unaccommodating, unrealistic and a difficult religion, Islam is actually very simple to understand and practice; its simplicity is its main strength since it is a religion of common sense and natural way known as fitrah. Islam is the religion that all…


Be a Peacekeeper

  In the Name of Allah All-Compassionate, Most Merciful Points of Guidance taken from the Generous Qur’an 1. Remember ALLAH first, above all, and throughout the process of peacemaking. No peace can be established without an awareness of God. Will not Allah defend His servant? Yet they would frighten you with those beside Him. He whom Allah sends astray, for him there is no guide. And he whom Allah guides, for…


Please STOP !!!!

    To all the wanna-be Jihadis out there. Please STOP! You are not helping Islam and you are certainly not helping Muslims. You make us look like maniacs. Maniacs without any heart whatsoever. You are forcing an “US versus THEM” mentality on the world. Stop and think for awhile about the outcome of your actions before you do something terrible. Stop to think about children who will not have…