Preparing for the Journey by Purifying your intentions

Set your intentions and pave the way to success.


Before we embark on any journey we usually ask ourselves “Why are we going ?”

Now if it is a regular vacation or business trip. Then without realizing it, we have already unconsciously asked and answered it without even realizing it. Happens so fast and automatic that We don’t even give it a second thought. Going to relax, going to see Grandma, going to close that business deal. Whatever it may be, We know the Why automatically.

This Path is very different though. Everything that will be done needs to be contemplated, as contemplating actions, slowing down and examining your Heart, is part of the path.

So let us ask ourselves Why? Why do we want to take this journey to increase our spiritual purity and our inclinations. Of course it has benefits for us that are numerous. Becoming a better person, Serenity, Tranquility, increased Morals. All those are excellent. We know that, but is that it.

You ˹alone˺ we worship and You ˹alone˺ we ask for help”.

Qur’an 1:5


The various benefits to us as servants will come, InshAllah, but they can NOT be our sole motivation or intention on this path. It can not be all about you. It must be; about, for and to Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala. Not because He will give us something but because He alone is surely worthy.

This is important because Actions are based on Intentions. Your actions may not always be correct but InshAllah they will not be too far off if your intentions were right to begin with.

We say it every day in our Salah.

So if you are a bit unsure of the “Why?” you want take this journey and that it is for Allah to seek His pleasure, then find a place you can be alone.
A peaceful place if possible, a place that you can think and make uninterrupted Du’aa. Spend some quality time, don’t make it hasty. Take a good long time to speak to your Lord.

Ask Allah to help you to thoroughly search your intentions.

Take some time to deeply think. Then after your contemplation,

Make Du’aa, ….

Praise Him first, then tell Him your inner desire. That you want to be closer to Him in everything you do. Ask Him with everything you have in you to purify your intentions in asking for this So that the one and only intention left, will be the intention to seek His pleasure. A servant seeking the pleasure of His Master and also to constantly guide you on this path to have Him purify you. Ask Him to make you steadfast then thank Allah for guiding you. Praise Him for His uncountable blessing. Ameen.

(This is just a very SHORT outline. Make Du’aa to Allah for as long as you will)

Then firmly commit yourself to it with the Help of Allah.

The very act of purifying your intentions, with the help of Allah, in your quest to seek Him is nothing less than worship. It is very important. Please do not skip this step or give this step less significance than it deserves. If our intentions are only to better serve Allah and purify ourselves for and as worship.

That is it.

That, for now, is all I want you to do.

Please realize, that the Path you are committing to does not have to include Me or this website. You are committing to Allah. Maybe you will never read even one more of my words again after today.
Just please, please, do not let your commitment falter. Committing your self to Tazkiyyah and the striving for Ihsan while relying on Allah are THE most important. Even if you NEVER come back to this website remember that you have committed yourself and don’t give up. Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala will surely help you and guide you.

Send Me an email and let Me know how you made out with setting your intentions, if you like.