Sacrifice is part of the path.


This week I was asked by the local Imam if I would accept to be made the President of the Masjid.
The Shura council wants to meet with Me tonight to give my answer.

After much deliberation, I have decided to not accept. I know it would be an excellent chance to possibly obtain a lot of good deeds, InshAllah. More than an excellent chance to help quite a lot of various people and maybe even right a few previous wrongs on my behalf. It would be rewarding from Allah too, InshAllah, if I did a good righteous job of it with good intentions, of course. The possible rewards are so numerous I feel them and can almost taste them.

So you might be asking…..why the NO then?

Because I believe it would have a negative impact on my tazkiyah alnafs. I could see it harming my spiritual path and the bad outweighing the good.

The position of Masjid president is an executive position of course, even though I have always viewed it as it should be, the position of a servant to the entire community.

Because of it’s varying and comprehensive duties it involves dealing with fitna on many levels. It is so sad, that that is the case, in our Muslim communities these days but it is true. As anyone who has served before well knows. Being President is not a bad thing, we must have doers and leaders, but if a person believes it will “overall” hinder a persons worship to Allah then it must be sacrificed.

So I will not let anything get in my way of seeking Allah’s pleasure. The stress that the position comes with can also take up valuable energy that I could spend in other, hopefully more productive and rewarding Muslim endeavors. It is a great opportunity that might never come again, however, the main thing is, for Me, to never let anything distract Me from this path of tazkiyah alnafs. Absolutely nothing. So being prudent and making tough choices is part of this path. Of that their is no doubt. If it doesn’t cost you or even hurt, is it really a sacrifice.

I must practice what I preach on this website….

1-Making my actions solely for Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala.

2- Mercy and forgiveness for All, especially those that hurt me, wanting peace for all, especially myself because We have binding rights upon ourselves in Islam.

3- Constantly on the path of tazkiyah alnafs” to attain Ihsan.

4- Sharing the path with others because sharing the path is truly sharing love. Without Love their would be no Islam.

5-Learning Sabr

6- Practicing Zuhd

7- following the above items carefully, while constantly making Tawbah.


So for now, I will be president of my own affairs, under Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala of course. Always asking Him to guide and help Me in everything, to give Me the good, have mercy on Me, to help Me have mercy and compassion on others, to always, no matter what the cost, never ever give up the path of purifying myself for and by Him and to gladly share it with others.

Now,  why did I tell you all this.
I am preparing you. This path will be full of sacrifices. I mean full. This for Me was a big one as I had a vested interest in the Mosque as a Muslim. As we all should. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Get ready for them. I am warning you in advance. I never said this path was easy. I said, Ask Allah to help and guide you.

Ya Allah! I ask you to Give Me Sound Judgement in “My Own” affairs. Ameen.

Please Make Du’aa for Me. Those are not just words. I mean it. Please Make Du’aa for Me.