Five things that can corrupt the heart

From Madarij as-Salikin we learn that the following are five things that can corrupt the heart:

  1. Company of worldly people
  2. Endless wishes
  3. Attachment to other-than-Allah
  4. Excessive Eating
  5. Excessive Sleeping.

These five things extinguish the light of the heart and weaken its will to tread the path of truth and enlightenment—the path of Allah.

The heart has no true pleasure or bliss except in the intimate knowledge of Allah, His love, contentment through His remembrance, delight in His closeness, and eagerness to meet Him. This pleasure of the heart is akin to an early Paradise. Similarly, there is no bliss or happiness in the eternal hereafter except in Allah’s company, which is the promised Jannah.

Madarij as-Salikin as translated by Dr Ovamir Anjum