Breakdown: Regeneration for Muslims


Allah is all merciful. How many times in our lives has He brought us through hard times. As Humans we are weak. We may try to act all tough and be strong. Going it alone. Sometimes we can get broken down. Just like a machine does. We can have a breakdown. For some people it can be small and others it can be full blown.

Nervous breakdowns, Physical breakdowns, Spiritual breakdowns. Life affects us all differently The burdens, stresses and challenges can affect some worse than others. It matters little if you have been a stalwart of strength all your life or not. Things can just pile up in your life.

Identity crisis can play a big part. We, As Muslims, living in a world that has become so very anti Muslim can take a toll on us. Everyone has a built in desire to fit-in with the people around them. Being the odd one out is not fun.

Our “integration” into a very secular non Muslim society can lead to our “dis-integration” with Islam if We are not very careful. It is good to be a productive member of your society. The limit comes when it affects your faith so much that your spiritual connection with Allah suffers. This life is so temporary. Keeping that in mind can put things into perspective for you. Disbelievers in Allah would love to have you join them in their dis-belief. We know this from the Qur’an. Anyone who has lived in a secular society can attest to that fact as well. Dis-believers would love you to come out with them for a drink. Maybe join them at Church in associating helpers (Jesus) with Allah. Maybe backbiting. Whatever it is that would make you more like them. Things the world sees as”Normal” even innocuous. Shaytaan is our sworn enemy. He would love to see us just like them. Our Muslim identity is constantly under attack in secular societies. I am not just talking about the West. Supposed “Muslim” countries can be just as bad, some worse.

For some people the gradual wear on their Iman becomes too much and the leave Islam totally.
If they look back they can see the progression of attacks on their Islamic identity. They usually come in by small steps to conform. A little more provocative dress, just a small drink, just a little improper entertainment, just a little this and a little that can soon end up to be a lot.

It is not the person asking you why you would still believe in Allah in the modern times that you have to worry about as much as the person that befriends you and slowly leads to into corruption regarding your relationship with Allah.

Once you become more like them it is easier to question your fundamental beliefs and accept views and beliefs that are totally unislamic. The more you become like them the more un-Islamic/anti-Islamic support you will have from them. Making things even harder on your Islam.

This is the beginning of the creation of an identity crisis.

It must be said at this point that groups like ISIS, Al Qaida and (insert terrorist groups name here) are all exceedingly evil but because of the constant barrage of Media about them they are being seen by some as the image of Islam. So now we have a LOT of people who believe that Islam is ISIS, hates us for our freedoms and other such bunk.

This naturally has some Muslims shying away from even letting people know they are Muslim. Let alone be happy to share it with everyone. The brutality of all these terrorist groups has taken a toll on our Muslim Ummah. Even though most of the groups kill mostly Muslims it doesn’t, matter because the news has everyone scared that they are everywhere and most Muslims secretly support them, if only in spirit. Ridiculous really. Gun crime by non Muslims in the US kills more than terrorist do or have done in the US. Also, most Muslims abhor these groups and wish they had never heard of them because these people know that the Allah loves peace between people .

The existence of these groups with their evil acts makes living as a Muslim harder. It does. As some people associate all Muslims with groups like those. A lot of people have open minds but even still are wary and becoming more so as time goes on. Not everyone thinks this way but a lot of people are loving and caring of all. However, the anti-Islam boat is filling up.

So as some Muslims become shy of their Islam and things wear on them it can lead to an identity crisis. This identity crisis can lead to a total breakdown by some people. Nervous breakdown by Muslims are becoming more and more common. Spiritual breakdowns are an epidemic in our Muslim communities.

What is the solution?

Realizing that this world is only temporary is a great first start. Realizing that Muhammed Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Salaam and the early Muslims went through some of the same pressures. Realizing that Muslims are not the problem. At least the Muslims who are the true believers (Mumìn) True believers are not what is broken and need to be fixed. True believers are the ones that are full of love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. Not full of hate like these political groups (ISIS) It is the world that needs fixing. Even Non Muslims can see that pretty clearly. Only submission to Allah Subhana W Ta Allah is the answer. (Which is the definition of the word Islam) Instead of being or acting less Muslim it is the opposite. We need to be more of a Muslim and what a Muslim should truly be. Then We need to do the opposite again and be more outwardly Muslim, not shy but unabashed. Confident Muslims that clearly see this world as temporary. Muslims that clearly see their Lord has created all this for them and is watching over them so very closely. Muslims that clearly see their Lord close as close can be in their darkest times and that they will surely return to Him when this tough life is over.

Confidence breeds confidence. Especially in ones own self. Be the one that slowly wears on others and not the one that is worn. The world needs Islam and you can share it with them. That is powerful my friend.

So how does one go from being weak and worn, almost broken down to being a stalwart of faith.

One that has reached the level of Ihsan.

Exactly the same way Muhammed Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Salaam showed us. By connecting to Allah, our creator, the true force in the universe. Thru our holy scriptures, the Qur’an. Thru constant rememberance “thikr”.  Du’aa. Especially night prayers( I can not stress the importance of night prayers enough, even if I took this entire website devoted to it) In an upcoming post (people of the night) we will explore this “must-have” connection to Allah.  Attaching yourself more to these 3 practices can change you and the way you live Islam.

Remember, you can find your strength. It is from Allah. Just as Allah can bring you back to life after death He can regenerate you as a person. It is there for you, just grasp it.

Also remember that whatever you are going thru can be overcome. It may have reached a full blown breakdown, either, mental, physical or spiritual or maybe not that far Yet.

If it has remember. It is TEMPORARY. If it hasn’t reached that far, it can, if you don’t take steps now to prevent it. Sometimes We are broken only to be made stronger.

Either way. It is temporary and you have the means to be free of it. It is with Allah and He is always there. Repent always, seek His closeness, increase the 3 practices I mentioned above ( deeply contemplating Qur’an, Thikr and Night Prayers) and connect with your God given identity so this world doesn’t beat you down.

You can shine with the help and guidance from Allah.