I am quite a long way from other people. I enjoy it.

I find it fulfilling living in the woods, with nature and Allah’s beautiful architecture and creations. He has made everything so very beautiful. I have never found even the smallest flaw in anything He created. Never will. I do love people around too but something is very special when you are all alone in the wilderness with just Allah. Your Salah is more precious, your remembrance of Allah is so much closer, your time with Allah seems to be uninterrupted. Alhamdulillah for it all.

Yesterday it snowed and made everything very white.

I pray this is how He will make my heart. Your heart too. May He give within us a love that only He can give. A love that longs to worship Allah and do good for others. A love so strong that it compels you to do something good. So much that you can not do “just nothing.”

I just thought I would share this as it seemed to be a beautiful way to begin as I start sharing this path with you. InshAllah.

My Repentance (Tawbah)- I’m sorry.

Before We get started something is necessary. The Path to Spiritual purification begins first with Repentance, Tawbah in Arabic. Without repentance to Allah the opening of the path can not even be found. Ever. So I am beginning this work by first repenting to Allah for everything I have done …