Do you need support NOW!

Note: I live very deep in the Canadian forest in isolation, because of this I do not have direct internet connection, my internet access is limited to once a week when I have to travel to connect to it. So needless to say I do not provide immediate or emergency support in any way. It might take a bit, but I will reply to you. InshAllah.

If you or someone you love are in a crisis and need direct personal support, I will do the best I can for you,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Definition of Crisis:

You or someone you know is a convert and having difficulties to the point of wanting to leave Islam.
You or someone you know is really hurting.
You or someone you know is thinking about harming themselves or others.
You or someone you know has decided to go join armed Jihad.
You or someone you know is severely depressed and you just do not know what to do.
You or someone you know has joined a “sect”, “group” or “movement” (religious or not) and it is taking them away from Islam.

These are just a few but you get the idea. Basically anything that is taking you or your loved one away from the love of Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala is a crisis. A huge crisis. The worst crisis really.

So if that Child/friend/associate of yours who can not even get up for Fajr Salat or care to help the needy here at home, but now suddenly wants to fly off somewhere for Jihad, then contact me. If you are a convert and just do not know where to turn to find a Brother that cares, then contact me. If you hate yourself, are depressed with who you are, don’t know where to turn and are thinking of hurting yourself, then contact me. If you got caught up looking for brotherhood or Islam in some group or sect or in whatever, Islamic or not and then found them to be devoid of love and compassion then that is your warning sign, so please contact me.

Anything that is not based on love, compassion and caring for your fellow human being, regardless of color, social status, race, (insert your own humanly imposed label here) or even religion is not Islam. If you don’t believe me than please RE-READ THE QUR’AN.

Our Messenger and Prophet, Muhammed, Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Salaam gave us the best example. He was the best in regards to caring for others and also in caring for His self, as He knew that He was a creation of Allah that Had rights upon itself.

Really, if We call ourselves Muslim and can not love ourselves as creations of Allah and show love to all others then are we really following Muhammad’s, Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Salaam, example.
Are we really following what Allah sent us in the Holy Qur’an?

No, but we can. He gave us the way. Sometimes we ALL need a little help. This life is difficult and we have a clear enemy called Shaytan that wants our total destruction.

I am not a Doctor or a social worker or anything else other than someone who cares. Just another human being that wants to be a friend to others. I have given some pretty good advice and support to people that needed it, in my time here on earth. So If I can help you too in any way please just contact Me. If I can help you, I will. If I can not, I will be honest and say I can not. However, if I can not then I will do my absolute best to point you in the right direction for help.

Jazak Allah Khair

Abdullah DeLancey