If you have any poetry that worship’s Allah or is Islamically appropriate please send it in to inspire others and I’ll post it. InshAllah. Below is one of mine. Note: I am not a poet, LOL.


My Sweet Lord, Allah.


My Sweet Lord, the Lord of Mercy, the Lord of Forgiveness and Love.

How He cares for me with an unclosing hand. Always watching me, as only He can.

To Him alone do my praises flow. To Him alone doth my love all go.

Everywhere I turn I see his beauty. I have found His beauty knows no bounds.

In a World that thrives on pain, my Lord is soothing and smooth.

No roughness does He posses. Of His sweetness, I do not guess.

He is Justice, of that I am sure. Justice to tell the foul from the pure.

To me, Cool water out from under rock doth flow. Another sign so that I may know.

A taste of honey while the sunshine breaks. More sweet reminders of what my Lord makes.

The souls all around Me pass, to Him on high. Left here am I, with memories and assurance of His sweetness, to get by.

Get by I will, for what more do I need, when from My Lords bounties, directly I feed.

All things I have ever truly loved are bestowed from His grace. How I long to meet Him, not as the vagabond from place to place but securely in His sweet presence, only by His grace.

Alone in the wilderness I praise Him alone. My Sweet Lord.

Trees all around Me sway and break from a wind so violent almost the Earth doeth shake. Thou I am not blown, a leaf doth not barely touch Me. The fountain of creation, Oh, how He doth love me.

A lord so sweet, no earthly taste bud exists, that can fully partake of His endless bliss.

Alone in the wilderness, I praise Him alone. But Not alone am I.

For, from my Heart, He is no farther.

by Abdullah Robert DeLancey